A poem for Earth Day 2022

On Earth Day reflecting All that is She, a beauty unique The essential poised on delicate precipices Disaster and expectant becoming bubbling The swing in between enormous in weight Slumbering potential alive, awakening On this Earth Day prevent the germ​ Of wicked problem taking root Be hopeful for novel imaginaries sprouting Toil no more forContinue reading “A poem for Earth Day 2022”

Planting roots: Lessons from my parents in sustainable living

My parents were depression-era Oklahoma farm kids who came of age at a time and place that required men and women to have practical knowledge about a bit of everything. They were carpenters, hunters, farmers, seamstresses, veterinarians and mechanics. They grew or raised their own food and preserved it for lean times.

Burning questions about burning? We have answers

Among the most frequently asked questions to DEQ at this time of year are: Am I allowed to burn yard debris in my backyard? What about smoke from my neighbor’s open burning? Here are some answers, including links to valuable resources for anyone considering setting flame to branches, leaves or other residential debris.

Ep. 10 – Environmental Justice

To celebrate Earth Day/Week/Month, Lauren and Dylan are talking about environmental justice and diversity, equity and inclusion – not just in general, but how this conversation is evolving at DEQ specifically. They are joined by three DEQ staff integral to this work: Natalie Nava, DEQ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator Chamille Hartman, Northwest Region WaterContinue reading “Ep. 10 – Environmental Justice”

The three most important ways Oregon is fighting climate change

cent headlines warn that the window is quickly closing to protect our future and preserve a livable planet. In Oregon, we have seen the effects of the climate crisis first-hand:  hundreds of deaths from extreme heat waves; thousands of homes destroyed by wildfire; lakes and rivers drying up before our eyes; farmers without water to grow food; and the toxic algal blooms that shut down the city of Salem’s drinking water system for weeks in 2018.

It’s Food Waste Prevention Week – Learn how to reduce food waste and save money!

Governor Kate Brown has proclaimed April 4 – 8, 2022 to be Food Waste Prevention Week, and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is encouraging everyone living across the state to take simple steps to reduce waste and save money. Reducing food waste matters for a variety of reasons, including: Up to 35% of allContinue reading “It’s Food Waste Prevention Week – Learn how to reduce food waste and save money!”