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Cyanobacteria Harmful Algal Blooms (aka cyanoHABs)

Summer is here and we’ve already experienced some hot days in Oregon, and people seeking out local lakes and rivers to play in. While enjoying all of Oregon’s beautiful waterways, it’s important to watch out for cyanoHABs – large stretches of algae that contain harmful toxins.

Lauren and Dylan talk to staff with DEQ and Oregon Health Authority about how to be stay alert when it comes to cyanoHABs. Step 1 – sign up for alerts for when OHA confirms there are cyanoHABs in the water.

DEQ and OHA talk about why cyanoHABs form, what they look like and what safety precautions to take. Remember, cyanoHABs can be harmful to people and pets, and you can’t filter them out with a regular water filtration system or just by boiling.

The voices in the episode are:

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Links for DEQ and OHA cyanoHABs resources.

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