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Staff Spotlight on Emil Hnidey, DEQ’s Rulemaking Coordinator 

Emil and his family at Faragut State Park in Athol, Idaho

Emil has been a fixture at DEQ for a few years and helped a lot of our staff and programs through their rulemakings.  

For our readers who might not have had the chance to work with you yet, what does the Rulemaking Coordinator do?  

I coordinate and oversee rulemakings at DEQ to make sure we’re following applicable laws and procedures when adopting rules. 

What is your best memory of working here at the agency? 

I started in VIP and probably have the best or most interesting memories from that time. You never knew what celebrities may come in or what crazy things you might see. It was not uncommon to find drugs or guns on the floorboards of a vehicle or encounter a random animal like a snake. 

When you’re not busy with our many rulemakings, what are you passionate about? 
I enjoy traveling with my family in our 5th wheel and exploring different areas of our beautiful country. I also enjoy working on my old vehicles. 

You mention that you enjoy traveling, so if you could journey anywhere, where would you go? 

Anywhere, anytime? I would go back about 100 million years to see what the Earth looked like with dinosaurs. If time travel isn’t possible then it would be neat to travel to the nearest Earth-like planet. If space travel isn’t an option then the Florida Keys since I can drive there with my 5th wheel and it’s about perfect this time of year. 

What would your superpower be? Instant transmission (traveling anywhere instantly with a thought). 

One more fun question: If you could have anything for dinner tonight, what would be on your plate? 

Italian sub sandwich with a side of greasy hand-cut fries. 

Learn more about Emil and his work as DEQ’s Rules Coordinating on DEQ’s #GreenState #Podcast, Ep. 19 on Rulemaking.

By Michele Thompson, Web Design/Business Applications and Graphics, Office of Communications and Outreach

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