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DEQ’s annual Earth Month photo contest 

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The votes are in. Our photo contest to celebrate Earth Month 2023 was a huge success. DEQers submitted a lot of great images as you’ll see in the slideshow above. The theme this year was “Investing in Planet Earth.” The images show the diversity of beauty in Oregon and why investment in our natural environment is so important. 

Congratulations to our winners! Their photos and captions can also be viewed below. We also want to thank all of our staff who submitted photos. We hope to get even more next year.

First Prize: “Taking Flight” by Mike Romero 

Second Prize: “Early Morning View to the East” by Alex Opatikova 

Early morning view to the east

Third Prize: “Blue Heron-Wild and Scenic Rogue River” by Mike Pinney 

Curated by Michele Thompson, web publisher

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