Your DEQ Online update: All systems go!

Ramesh Manickam, Your DEQ Online Risk Manager, is working with the new data management system.

Nearly three weeks into the official launch of Your DEQ Online, the agency’s new data management system, responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

“It has been very smooth,” said Ramesh Manickam, who serves as risk manager for the massive technology project. “We have not had any problems so far.”

Your DEQ Online allows regulated industries to conduct business with DEQ entirely online, including permits, certifications and licenses. It also offers electronic payments for fees and fines. The new system is being phased in over two years.

The first two programs to become part of Your DEQ Online are Gasoline Transporter Permits and Greenhouse Gas Reporting for companies that supply natural gas and electricity in Oregon. To date, about 70 accounts have been set up and 45 permits issued. See the tables below for more details.

Clients using the system for the first time expressed surprise and glee at the ease and efficiency of moving their business online.

“HOLY COW THAT WAS FAST!” one happy customer wrote to DEQ after her request to set up a Gasoline Transporter account was handled in a matter of hours.

The Your DEQ Online helpdesk reported 23 requests for help, which were resolved in less than four hours, on average.

Later this summer, hazardous waste, asbestos and three water quality programs will “go live” on the system, which will dramatically increase the number of users.

 “We’re working out the kinks with these lower-volume programs so we’re better prepared for high-volume users, like asbestos,” said Mitch Frister, business analyst for the project team. Frister also reported that interest in electronic payments was high.

“We essentially had 100 percent acceptance” of the new payment method, he said.

– Harry Esteve, communications manager

Published by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

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