Waste Not, Want Not: Food Planning and Shopping Tips for the Holidays

Food waste can cause a sour taste after the fun of holiday feasting. So, GreenState podcast co-hosts Dylan Darling and Katie Romano catch up with two DEQ food waste prevention experts to learn how to better plan and shop ahead of holiday meals. The advice is good year round and taking on food waste isContinue reading “Waste Not, Want Not: Food Planning and Shopping Tips for the Holidays”

Director Leah Feldon joins the GreenState DEQ podcast for a conversation

Leah Feldon has a long history with DEQ – nearly two decades – starting in the Office of Compliance and Enforcement and later serving as deputy director. The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission, which oversees DEQ, selected Feldon as the agency’s new director in February. Director Feldon had a conversation with outgoing Communications manager Harry EsteveContinue reading “Director Leah Feldon joins the GreenState DEQ podcast for a conversation”

Sounds of water: DEQ hydrologists teach at outdoor school in Eastern Oregon

For more than 20 years a pair of DEQ hydrologists have been sharing their knowledge of surface water and groundwater with outdoor school students in Eastern Oregon. Laura Gleim, DEQ’s Eastern Region public affairs specialist, visited an outdoor school near Pendleton to learn along with the kids. She brought along a field recorder and aContinue reading “Sounds of water: DEQ hydrologists teach at outdoor school in Eastern Oregon”

Air Quality Monitoring During Wildfire Season

May is Wildfire Awareness Month, so we thought it a good idea to discuss air quality monitoring across Oregon, particularly during the summer season. The Air Quality Index, air quality advisories and the Oregon Smoke Information blog are all great resources for people looking to understand what kind of air they’re breathing, especially if they’reContinue reading “Air Quality Monitoring During Wildfire Season”

Food Waste Prevention Week

Spoiler alert: Food waste is the second leading cause of greenhouse gases, which are a key ingredient in climate change. But there’s something you can do about it in your home, starting at your next meal – food waste prevention. Katie, a DEQ communication and outreach specialist, joins Dylan on this episode to learn aboutContinue reading “Food Waste Prevention Week”

Public records — How it Works at DEQ

DEQ is a science-based state agency, so it generates volumes of public records. A team of two, with the support of 40 staff members, work together to guide our public record storage and response to requests. Along with discussing how and why DEQ stores records, the experts offer advice on how to best find whatContinue reading “Public records — How it Works at DEQ”

Staff Spotlight on Emil Hnidey, DEQ’s Rulemaking Coordinator 

Emil and his family at Faragut State Park in Athol, Idaho Emil has been a fixture at DEQ for a few years and helped a lot of our staff and programs through their rulemakings.   For our readers who might not have had the chance to work with you yet, what does the Rulemaking Coordinator do?  Continue reading “Staff Spotlight on Emil Hnidey, DEQ’s Rulemaking Coordinator “

Rulemaking: From laws to environmental regulation

Bills become laws and state legislators design some Oregon laws to protect the environment. Most people understand that process. But what about rules that put environmental protection into action? That’s where DEQ comes in through rulemaking. DEQ proposes rules that define how the public and industry interact with the environment in an effort to benefitContinue reading “Rulemaking: From laws to environmental regulation”

Food Waste Prevention For the Holidays

We waste a lot of food.  To be exact, 2.2 pounds per person per week in Oregon But did you know that at the holidays, we waste almost 1 pound per person at a single holiday meal (estimated Thanksgiving food waste at ReFED 2022 – The Food Waste Solutions Summit)?  All that wasted food costsContinue reading “Food Waste Prevention For the Holidays”

Preventing food waste while clearing out holiday leftovers

The holiday season may leave you with more food than you know what to do with, but don’t despair. Lauren and Dylan are here to help you prevent food waste while making all those leftovers disappear. Need more incentive to make food waste prevention not just a holiday tradition, but also a year-round habit? OnContinue reading “Preventing food waste while clearing out holiday leftovers”