Episode 4 – Recycling Transformation in Oregon

DEQ is working to make recycling in Oregon way easier! This month’s #GreenState podcast from @OregonDEQ is about the Recycling Modernization Act. #listenup #airlandwater #Oregon

DEQ’s most recent podcast is on the Plastic Pollution and Recycling Modernization Act. Do you feel like you’re not sure what can actually be recycled? Where is all that recycling going? Is it just being thrown away? What about the people making all this packaging – shouldn’t they be contributing to the solution?

DEQ had the same questions and now there’s a solution – the Recycling Modernization Act. This new law will overhaul Oregon’s outdated recycling system by building on local community programs and leveraging the resources of producers to create an innovative system that works for everyone in the state. This comprehensive update puts Oregon at the forefront of recycling innovation once again. We talked to DEQ staff who are figuring out how to make this law a reality, as well as folks from Metro, Washington County, Rogue Waste and New Seasons Market to get their perspectives on what this law will mean for Oregonians.

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  • Introduction
  • Background on Recycling Modernization Act [2:00]
  • Why this matters – discussion with DEQ staff about the new bill [3:10]
  • A statewide list of what is recyclable [5:45]
  • Producers contribute to the cost of making recycling easier [7:00]
    • Athena Petty with New Seasons Market talks about being a producer [9:00]
  • Making recycling more accessible and equitable [11:00]
  • Discussion with Metro, Washington County and Rouge Waste [15:45]

Get more information about the Recycling Modernization Act online at RecyclingAct.oregon.gov or check out the fact sheet below.

Published by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

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