Episode 5 – Confusion to clarity

Meeting the hosts of the #GreenState podcast this month and learning more about DEQ communications! #listenup #airlandwater #Oregon

This month on GreenState, it’s time to talk about communications. Who’s on the comms team? What do they do? How is the comms team working to help you? That’s what we’re getting into this month — well, that and learning who at DEQ has biked from Boulder, Colorado, to Eugene.

We wanted to do this episode so that the listeners could get to know us a little better, but also to tell you about what it is the communications team does. Our job is to communicate the scientific work our colleagues at DEQ are doing to the general public. We do this through the podcast you just listened to, the blog you’re on now, press releases, project websites, social media (we’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn), public meetings, public notices, and much more!

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  • Introduction
  • DEQ Communications Team [0:45]
  • Meet the Communications Manager, Harry Esteve [11:15]
    • Role of the communications team [16:00]
  • Discussing our work [20:15]
  • Why contact your public affairs specialist [24:20]

Contact your public affairs specialist:

  • Lauren Wirtis, Northwest Region | 503-568-3295 | lauren.wirtis@deq.state.or.us
  • Dylan Darling, Western Region | 541-600-6119 | dylan.darling@deq.state.or.us
  • Laura Gleim, Eastern Region | 503-577-3697 | laura.gleim@deq.state.or.us

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