Closing out the year with new rules

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality’s governing body, the Environmental Quality Commission, adopted six different sets of rules at their November meeting last Thursday and Friday. Why do rules matter? Rules determine how DEQ regulates. When the legislature passes laws, they’re often very general. The agency responsible for implementing the law has to write theContinue reading “Closing out the year with new rules”

Staff spotlight on Matt Davis 

Matt and his family at Joshua Tree National Park For October, DEQ turns the spotlight on Matt Davis. Matt joined the agency in 2017 and served in several positions, including managing air quality teams in Headquarters and Northwest Region, and spending several years representing DEQ at the Oregon Legislature as a Senior Legislative and PolicyContinue reading “Staff spotlight on Matt Davis “

Staff Spotlight: Megan Hendrickson 

This week we turn the DEQ staff spotlight on Megan Hendrickson. From our Eugene office, Megan works with organizations using funds to repair and replace septic systems in Oregon.  What is your favorite part of working at DEQ?  I started during the pandemic. The first three months were a blur of phone calls, Teams messages,Continue reading “Staff Spotlight: Megan Hendrickson “

Out of the ashes – EWEB, DEQ join effort to rebuild after Holiday Farm Fire along McKenzie River

Photo provided by EWEB. This photo was taken in May 2021 on an EWEB Commissioners and local leaders tour of the damage of the Holiday Farm Fire. The Holiday Farm Fire destroyed more than 500 homes in the McKenzie River Valley, like this one pictured in May 2021. As the community continues to rebuild, EWEBContinue reading “Out of the ashes – EWEB, DEQ join effort to rebuild after Holiday Farm Fire along McKenzie River”

Food Waste Prevention For the Holidays

We waste a lot of food.  To be exact, 2.2 pounds per person per week in Oregon But did you know that at the holidays, we waste almost 1 pound per person at a single holiday meal (estimated Thanksgiving food waste at ReFED 2022 – The Food Waste Solutions Summit)?  All that wasted food costsContinue reading “Food Waste Prevention For the Holidays”

Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act

Increased Investments in Affordable, Resilient and Sustainable Clean Water Infrastructure Prior to the passage of the Clean Water Act in 1972, pollution control and regulation to safeguard waterways and watersheds were minimal. Untreated sewage, trash, chemicals, oil, industrial pollution and other pollutants were entering waterways without consideration of the environmental and public health consequences. TheContinue reading “Honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act”

Get to know your H2O

Of the many things important to people in Oregon, a major one is water. DEQ plays a major role in protecting water quality of lakes, rivers and streams to ensure they can support aquatic plants and animals. Lauren and Dylan talk to DEQ’s Water Quality Administrator about the state of Oregon’s water as well asContinue reading “Get to know your H2O”

DEQ launches 2017 Survey of Oregon Lakes

Amid National Water Quality Month, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has released the 2017 Survey of Oregon Lakes. The report’s field work component was completed as a part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s overarching National Aquatic Resource Surveys Program, which includes the National Lakes Assessment every five years. The 2017 Survey of OregonContinue reading “DEQ launches 2017 Survey of Oregon Lakes”