Food Waste Prevention Week

Spoiler alert: Food waste is the second leading cause of greenhouse gases, which are a key ingredient in climate change.

But there’s something you can do about it in your home, starting at your next meal – food waste prevention. Katie, a DEQ communication and outreach specialist, joins Dylan on this episode to learn about food waste and life cycle impact. They’re joined by a DEQ expert and an environmental educator in Florida to talk about Food Prevention Week, which goes from April 10-16 in 2023. It’s the second year that the annual campaign has gone national.

We’ll offer some great, practical tips on how not to waste food, including an interesting trick with an egg.

Food Waste Prevention Week, April 10-16, 2023, is collaborative, multi-state effort to reduce household food waste. Elaine Blatt, DEQ senior policy and program analyst, and Elaine Fiore, founder of the Food Conservation Alliance in Florida, join GreenState to discuss the campaign. Blatt and Fiore co-chair the planning committee for Food Waste Prevention Week.

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  • Introduction
  • Episode teaser [1:40]
  • More about Katie [2:00]
  • Food Waste Prevention Week interview [5:15]
  • Wrap-up [33:00]

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