Staff Spotlight: Ania Loyd

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To celebrate Earth Month this year we are turning the spotlight on several staff across the state. This week, we talked with Ania Loyd. Ania is an air quality permit writer and inspector, working from the Eastern Region office in The Dalles.

What is your favorite part about working for DEQ? 

There are many things I enjoy about working for DEQ. What brings me the most pride in my job is helping industries navigate regulatory requirements to bring better air for our community. I very much enjoy learning about various industry operations first-hand during inspections. Our state has so many interesting types of industry, from French fry producers, through metal casting operations, to biogas generation from landfills! 

The theme for Earth Month 2023 is “Investing in Planet Earth” What does this mean to you?  

Personally and through my work, I invest my time, expertise and finances to make our Planet Earth better for us and the future generations. I do my best to lower my household energy usage by driving less, using LED lights, participating in green energy and renewable natural gas programs and cutting down on unnecessary purchases. I also find it important to teach my kids about environmental issues and to foster their love for outdoors and nature. 

Just for fun – If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? 

I have to pick only one place? Currently, Japan is at the top of my travel wishlist. I’m hoping to plan that trip over the next year. 

By Michele Thompson, DEQ Web Design/Business Applications and Graphics

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